Joshua C

Taylorsville, Utah

"This is located by my work. We had an auditor come to our facility. He was from England. We got him the whole wheat turkey sandwich. After the audit, he remarked that the problem with American sandwiches is the bread. He said "that in all of his travels to the US, that Village Baker was the best bread and sandwich he has ever had in the states."Village Baker is a must if you are feeling like a great sandwich. Their salad is great too, especially with the tomatillo dressing."

Micaila B

Riverton, Utah

"This place is amazing! Their sandwiches are to die for. MMMMMMMMM. They also have really good desserts like cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls etc. Highly recommend."


"Impressed. We had take out for work lunch and ordered the turkey and ham whole, whole club and mandarin chicken salads with cilantro ranch and raspberry vinagrette dressing. Was very surprised at the size of our lunch and how delicious it was. Im not a salad guy and it was sooo good I gave one of my 1/2 sandwiches away to share. Will go back again and again :)"

Melissa Funk Foust

"Best place ever! I have dreams about it- haha! Great sandwiches, soup, pizzas, salads, bread, and desserts! My fav is 1/2 chef salad with either soup or 1/2 roastbeef sand. My husband loves their Alfredo pizza and the BBQ chicken pizza."

Missy B

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Your thighs will hate you, but your stomach doesn't care.The five star reviews are all spot on because the cinnamon rolls at Village Baker are DA BOMB. Forget Cinnabon, or any other commercial shop, these guys make the very best cinnamon roll in the valley, with the possible exception of your grandma (and then only if she's a skilled baker). They're huge, soft and pillowy, and covered in icing.Delicious. I'll go back for sure"

Taylor M

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I have been a regular at Village Baker for years now. Hands down best sandwich you'll find in our fair state of Utah. The honey white is amazing and if you're a fan of a quality chicken salad sandwich it will knock your socks off. Take a bite... BOOM ..... No socks."

Tiffany Jesperson Hill

"If you haven't been to Village Baker, you are missing out on one of Salt Lake counties hidden gems! Now with a second location in Sandy, the other in West Jordan. Amazing sweets, breads, sandwiches, and salads. The owners are amazing people and proudly serve the best comfort food!"

Tiffany Pratt

"I have loved everything I have tried here. Excellent Southwest salad, mexican tostada pizza, chicken salad sandwich, cinamon rolls, yumm! We love their online ordering- my husband picks it up on his way home. We're happy too that they extended their dining area as well!"

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